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Wednesday, February 27th 2019, 10:55pm

Jacque Fresco - Metaphysics & Unusual Phenomena -=Scrolling Transcript Trailer=-

Full lecture (44.5 minutes) is available in three formats:
- Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript:…deo-transcript/
- Audio:…henomena-audio/
- Transcript:…ena-transcript/

In this lecture, Jacque Fresco warns against the dangers of metaphysical thinking. Fresco describes several cases of metaphysics and unusual phenomena and gives a naturalistic account to explain and scrutinize the claims. A major portion of this recording is dedicated to Fresco recounting his relation to Frank Scully's book "Behind the Flying Saucers" and Fresco's interview with Orfeo Angelucci. Metaphysics and cases of unusual phenomena include: witches and warlocks; astrals spirits; root races; Menehunes of Hawaii; leprichauns of Ireland; the 1953 monkey alien hoax; Camille Flammarion's book "The Atmosphere"; mirages such as islands in the sky and ghost ships; "Projection of the Astral Body" by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington; levitation; outer body experiences; god, heaven, and angels; the work of supernatural sensationalist Frank Edwards; The Devil's Triangle; the novel "The Most Dangerous Game"; and ESP. ( 01:32 )

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