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Tuesday, March 19th 2019, 6:04am

Jacque Fresco - Conformity or Sanity (1978) -=Scrolling Transcript Trailer=-

The full audio lecture (23 minutes) from April 23, 1978 is a new addition to the Sociocyberneering Audio Collection, and is available in three formats:
- Audio with scrolling text:…deo-transcript/
- Audio only:…r-sanity-audio/
- Text only:…ity-transcript/

Jacque Fresco explores the causes and consequences of conforming to an unsane culture. Fresco begins with investigating whether people can really be ‘aware’ of anything. Throughout most of this lecture, Fresco explores why members of a culture conform to expectations of friends, family, and institutions. He describes the difficulty of escaping the complications that arise when a person is pulled between their own needs and playing the games of culture. Fresco criticizes the errors and follies of conventional thinking that produce superstition and disappointment and warns against looking for ‘justice’ and relying on ‘hope’ to make life better. Fresco accounts for the widespread fear of change, the risks of personal experimentation, and the preference of most people to stay safe and comfortable. He suggests a way to resist cultural expectations while maintaining a sense of sanity. ( 03:38 )

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