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Monday, April 15th 2019, 10:23pm

Sue Everatt - Let's Redesign Society! - TEDxLundUniversity

Rethinking your route to work may be challenging, let alone rethinking a whole society. How can that be done and what can we gain from an entirely different system? Sue is a thinker and a part of the The Venus Project – an organization built around a new concept of money-free resource-based economy. With the technological knowledge we have today, could we create all we need to live on the planet and eliminate scarcity and live in a world beyond poverty, war and politics? ( 18:33 )

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Thursday, April 18th 2019, 7:07pm

I have the power point with the text for this talk. While a few I did change slightly what I said, it is mainly correct. (Had to memorise the talk!)
If anyone wants to use it to help, just shout :)


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