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Thursday, January 5th 2012, 3:29pm

Review of the errors pointed in the Error Report section

Hey :smiley:

Can some of you, English native speakers, give a look and a help in the forum section referred in the title of this thread? Once in a while there are errors/doubts pointed out in specific strings of the English transcriptions, announced usually in the Error Report section of the forum…rror-reporting/

Quite often these errors aren't so obvious and generate some discussion around it. Specially because the involved ones, trying to help with it, are not English native speakers. Accent or blurry words, grammatical issues sometimes very simple but very important, like a coma wrongly positioned can be able to result in 2 different meanings of one whole sentence, etc... These issues need to be solved before we open the transcription of the videos in cause and correct them. I would love to correct them but I am not able to solve the issues my self since I am not English native and some doubt always remains. I also think that no situation should be considered solved before an English Team proofreader listens to that part of the video and shares a consideration about it; even that the issues can seem quite obvious sometimes :D

Di Ana is quite busy with the Glossary so maybe others can give a help on this Error Report part?

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