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Friday, July 8th 2011, 8:19pm

Mix ups in Crisis of Capitalism

There's a small mix up in the transcription of The Crisis of Capitalism RSA Animate.​7-ffa4-4593-bba7-a04bb4323358 Minute 1:16 it said "something to that kind", so I fixed it to "something of that kind", which is what is actually said.

4:18 "All THESE economists" not "This economists". Also corrected ;)

‎4.37 it's transribed as "And she said "What?!" but it's actually "You say "What?!" although he swallows the "and" so it sounds more like "'N you say". Corrected as "And you say". ;)
VP hugs :D

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Friday, July 8th 2011, 9:08pm

ahaaa, looks like our Vixi found her way to the forums :thumbsup:

Welcome, my dear, I made some fruit cake yesterday, do you want some ?

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