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Sunday, January 8th 2017, 9:12am

John McMurtry - Winning the War of the World - Z-Day Toronto 2014

From Toronto Z-Day. March 15, 2014 ( 1:20:50 )
"In an age of corporate mass propaganda, state terror and globalizing economic insecurity, 'knowledge action’ is explained as the key to the struggle of humanity against financial-system destruction of global life and society. Few understand what is going on. An invisible prison of big lies, deluding images and false assumptions holds the world in thrall to a global corporate death system masked as market freedom. The way out is explained as a revolutionary re-grounding in evolved common life capital and civil community exposing and stopping private money-sequence multiplication through organic, ecological and social life hosts at all levels. The alternative and life-coherent economic model is shown as self-evident. The ‘life-value code’ is spelled out as the binding common ground and compass of recognizing and defeating the greatest ever threat to humanity and life on the planet." ~ John McMurty

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