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Sunday, March 11th 2012, 8:24pm

Peter Joseph - The Big Question - TEDxOjai

In this talk, Peter Joseph examines todays economy and reflects our environmental misalignment and the value war. ( 10:26 )


The video of Jacque's TEDx presentation is already making rounds across Facebook. It was also uploaded into the LTI dashboard and has its full transcription completed already (but not yet proofread).

However, TED's procedure for it being added to their main site (which will be a MAJOR boost for global awareness) requires that it first be handled by them, posted to the official "TED" YouTube channel and then receive 15,000 hits there. If we continue sending it everywhere in Facebook, the time it will take for it to reach 15K on TED's YouTube will greatly increase (and this awareness campaign doesn't have the luxury of waiting through such delays). Please note that this plea applies equally to Peter Joseph's TEDx video, although I have not yet heard of that one being spread already.

As a result, I've temporarily hidden the LTI uploads and am asking (begging, if that works better) for everyone to refrain from spreading the 'bootleg' version that is already out on YouTube. If it's not on the TED channel, please don't push the play button (that's what triggers a 'view'). Save your 'views' for the one that will gain the video MUCH more global attention on the main TED website. Once it's on the main TED site, all bets are off and we can all upload and promote the hell out of it. - Ray :D

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