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Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 8:25am

Eigen introductie

Beste lezer,

Until a few years ago I was following the ant colony, called humanity, blindly. It was in the moment that I lost connection with the human structure that I woke up and saw our true planet for the first time. Since then my worldview is very similar to that of Carl Sagan, Jacque Fresco or any name that belongs to that list. Throughout the years I also followed the footsteps of others. I learned about Buddha’s who make a clear distinction between the conceptual reality – made up of artificial boundaries that arbitrarily separates people – and the more adequate reality without all those arbitrary concepts. I also learned about scientists, not only as a student in human error but also because I am interested in all sciences. The most inspirational scientists are people who want to demystify the world and challenge the conventional world if it makes it better. I even see a projection of myself in fantasy writers such as George Orwell or J.K. Rowling because they have the ability to create a new universe in their mind. Just like them I create a different reality in my head. Most of all, I admire humans like Mandela, Gandhi or even Karl Marx. They see a future, and are willing to make that a reality. None of this is about me, but I want to be a combination of all the names I mentioned; not for me, but for the Earth. Even though it might sound unrealistic, I believe it is essential to combine all the qualities of the names mentioned to really do the impossible: improve all life. Throughout my life it never felt like I belonged somewhere, but reading about the Venus Project Group shows me that we have similar plans. When I read about the experimental city I thought: Yes, this is one of the things that I have been wanting to do as well. Though, I wanted to do that on Mars, because that would have been a fresh place to start. But doing it on Earth is even more realistic. And if this city shows to be beneficial, it will become easier to be accepted by others. Exactly that can mean the crucial difference. This is the start of shaping a healthy future and promoting the next step in human consciousness.

Deze introductie vertelt je meer over mij dan ik anders had kunnen doen. Om eerlijk te zijn weet ik niet of dit forum de plaats is waar ik thuishoor. Ik wil mijn visies delen om het project inhoudelijk te verbeteren. Hopelijk kan iemand me wegwijs maken hier.
Met vriendelijke groet,

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Sunday, July 9th 2017, 2:00am

Welcome Timothy!
And give a yip when you're ready to play. ;)
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