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Thursday, March 10th 2016, 9:05pm

[ Undergoing adjustment ] [PRIORITY] Future by Design

According to many, this documentary from William Gazecki was their first exposure with the Venus Project and the idea of a RBE, as it dates back to 2006. :thumbup: ( 1:29:22 )

Note from Ray: William Gazecki has graciously passed the full ownership for "Future by Design" to TVP. A previously-existing copyright claim by SME had the video blocked in 21 countries, but that claim has now been removed!
Roxanne has requested that we link all LTI uploads of this core documentary back to the TVP store, so that TVP/RBE supporters will have the opportunity to get the full set with lots of extra content added (including the full Larry King interview), if desired.

Note #2: TVP has since uploaded a better quality version with slightly longer length, causing our subs to be out of sync. The new version contains some footage that was not present in our original video, so I had no choice but to remove all subs from the official upload in YouTube until the re-working is completed. We will need to make the necessary adjustments to the English subs, fill in the missing content, superimpose the adjusted timestamps onto all existing subs (completed or not), and then re-add them to dotSUB. I'll then make a call for all teams that have it completed to go back in and translate the additional content. Once that is done and a ToDo is created to make me aware as each becomes ready, we will finally be able to upload the subs back into YouTube.[/b] Each Language Team that has added it to their own YT channels should replace their copy of the old video with this longer hi-res one. :nuts: :loveya:

(now obsolete)There is a spreadsheet to organize the English proofreading and timestamp shifting team works, where anyone can join to help (now obsolete):
Click HERE

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Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 4:59am

Is there anyone here in the Norwegian Team available to help finalize this important 'translation migration' project?

I'm looking to finalize our migration of all of the old translations to the newer "Future By Design" video that TVP released, but the work will be handled within a single spreadsheet before being uploaded to the Working Location. This is only a one or two person task that shouldn't take much time to complete.
And once completed, the Norwegian translation will be re-added to all relevant global YouTube distribution locations. ^^
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