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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 3:36am

Final Review COMPLETED

Good job of transcribing, timeshifting, & proofreading before me! :clap: Thank you, everyone, and especially sweet Nomada & Mr. B, who worked so hard on corrections & timings.

I think we are all so excited about getting these CID videos out there, we become a little frantic in our efforts. I know I, for one, really wanted to see this episode in translation ASAP because the holiday buying season is now at hand.

Here's a few points I noticed:

Capitalization Rule: Whenever 'West' refers to a part of the world or a part of the US, it is capitalized. Also, adjectives derived from the word are capitalized. Example: Western culture, Western civilization. Whenever 'west' refers to a direction, it is not capitalized. Example: Turn west at the intersection.

11:03: Push one of my peeps and I will stab one of you motherF@#$%*!
(Mr. B questioned the expletive symbols and after checking our Guidelines, I thought it best to leave this as written. It seems to reflect the news soundtrack of bleeps when written with symbols.)

Cretin (25:00) defined--(just in case anyone needs a definition :-). There's a tendency to confuse this word with Cretan (a person from Crete), but I found it spelled 'creatan' in the transcription.
A cretin is a person who's behavior is offensive to others. Synonyms are bastard, beast, bleeder [British], blighter [chiefly British], boor, bounder, bugger, buzzard, cad, chuff, churl,clown, creep, cretin, crud [slang], crumb [slang], cur, dirtbag [slang], dog, fink, heel, hound, joker, louse, lout, pill, rat, rat fink, reptile, rotter, schmuck [slang], scum, scumbag [slang],scuzzball [slang], skunk, sleaze, sleazebag [slang], sleazeball [slang], slime, slimeball [slang], slob, snake, so-and-so, sod [chiefly British], stinkard, stinker, swine, toad, varmint,vermin.

I put it on the notepad, but I'll add this to the Glossary :-) for translators too, just in case.

I think it's in good shape. I deleted one or two "And's" that begin sentences, and a couple of PJ's "say's" that are often in the middle of his sentences.

Let's push it out there, gang. Good job! :dance:

And now, I'm goin' to bed! :sleepy: just as soon as I get 'cretin' in the Glossary. :rolleyes:
((BIG hugs)) for BIG efforts. :bighug:
Di :loveya:
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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 4:28am

Funny, I first thought to spell it cretin but then second guessed myself LOL!

Good work Commando Di!
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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 11:52am

Great news!!! What a start of a day for me! I'll be spreading around that this project is open for translations :party:

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