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Friday, November 25th 2011, 10:56pm

Jacque Talk Series - Earth 2.0 [full]

Jacque Fresco Talk Series was filmed in London on Oct 6th, 2009 by the cinematographer Mark Waters and directed by Frank Da Silva, however, this short film will not be featured in the Earth 2.0 - Movie. Earth 2.0 is an independent film project and it has no further affiliation to The Venus Project or TZM.

This project has been opened to translations, but needs some solid timeshifting and reviewing to be guidelines-compliant.

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Thursday, September 29th 2016, 9:32pm

Picked up this dated vid and cleaned it up including timestamp shifting, linebreaks, and FR. FInal SRT is attached. Unfortunately there are waay too many changes to make to the WL and Repos copies by hand, let alone the many translations already in place that would be impacted. So @Ray: will need to intervene on this one for some guidance.
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