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Saturday, August 12th 2017, 7:53am

Introduction by Simona

My name is Simona Knavs, I am a colleague of Sašo (the coordinator of Slovenian linguistic team) from our association Duh časa from Ljubljana, Slovenia. All my free time goes to the association (RBE and TVP promotion) and its projects from 2009 on with some time outs, but from 2012 on almost without any. And I really enjoy doing it!
We manage one big constant activity called "Computers for socially disadvantaged" (CSD, collecting used computers, making them work and donate) - a small practical RBE activity - since 2011 and it became quite a success. Our goal is to make this operation as smooth as possible, to release some proper time for advocating The Venus Project much more in Slovenia. Therefore the high quality translation of TBTMCB is of our high priority! Although there is one bigger task for as to do for the CSD in following months (some important legal issues) and regular ones take quite of my time, I decided that will from this summer on (finally some proper extra time!) fully support Sašo's effort to push the tasks for finalising the proofreading and then the publishing of this wonderful book. Therefore I browsed the LTI forum and decided to join as here are lots of useful information (needn’t to bother Sašo with tones of questions), also to have direct access to the materials, and of course to possibly join the future translations and proofreading. Doing the proofreading of TBTMCB right now, I noticed that there is a terminology project in the Pootle, and applied for helping with this very useful thing.
So dear Sašo, Ray and other magicians :clap: :bow: of this state of the art tool, please, do your magic to enable me becoming useful :)! I am now going to read and follow the "How to become a Proofreader for LTI" so you needn’t walk me through each step.
All the best!

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