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Thursday, May 11th 2017, 7:34pm

The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought

The essay-style collection known as TZM Defined, describing the tenets and understandings of The Zeitgeist Movement. ( 140511 words )

Working Location (See Pootle's front page for registration and project selection instructions)
Public Distribution


Before starting on any project, connect directly with your respective language team to join these projects from the inside.
Once complete, each Language Team needs to create a ToDo so that the project can be converted back into PDF format, added to the TZM website, and promoted all over the place!

When working on any translation project, there are two other important resources to be aware of within the forum:
1) The Error Reporting section is where translators and proofreaders should report any typos you find.
2) The Translation Questions section allow translators and proofreaders to share any questions you might have about the meaning or context of something you are translating. Older RBE veterans may also want to add these forum sections to their favourites (bottom right of the page), so we can assist them whenever something comes up.
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