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[Turkish Translation] TZM Newsletters

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Friday, July 7th 2017, 10:37pm

TZM Newsletters

As the precursor to the TZM Blog website, each TZM Newsletter issue is intended to be translated and then formatted to PDF, based on the English PDF releases.

Before starting on any project, connect directly with your respective language team to join these projects from the inside.
Once the project is complete, the Team's coordinator must alert Ray via a forum "ToDo" so that the project can be properly converted back into full PDF format and added to the TVP website (and promoted all over the place)

The TZM Newsletter #1 includes the following articles:
  • The Scientific Method Exposed (1865 words)
  • A Resource Based Economy (406 words)
  • The Aerospace Perspective (1336 words)
  • The Profit Problem (2817 words)
  • Political system as a soap-box (3085 words)
  • Venus Project World Tour Update (215)
  • Letter (444)
  • Where are we now (761)
. The content here is to be translated and then be formatted for PDF based on the English release of each issue. Have Phun! :party:

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